The Mind Behind The Design

Sadaf Khan, Certified Event Planner

Senior Lead Designer

Welcome to Layla Love Designer Events – My passion, my inner drive, my creative outlet, my platform for perfection.

I was encouraged to have a page so you could get to know me as a designer. For me, designing comes naturally. I’ve implemented this in every aspect of my life. From the moment I get up in the morning to the minute I lay my head to rest; I make sure that the very essence of my day is organized, and perfected.

I create relationships, not business agreements. I dedicate my time, my knowledge, and my heart to each client; and all their needs.  Sometimes that means professional advise, resources, understanding, and other times that means comfort, direction, and reassurance. I work off the deep connection I make to understand my client, and the joint partnership which elevates my profession to offer only the very best personalized services.


Sadaf Khan
Layla Love Designer Events
~Making Memories With a Touch of Love~


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