birthday party decorations

Welcome to Layla Love Designer Events! We are Internationally recognized Certified Event Planners through the Bridal Society.

Let me guess…You are envisioning your special day ahead, and you don’t want to miss a single detail? At Layla Love Designer Events we bring your dreams to life, all while making sure you are at ease. It’s as simple as our slogan, “Making memories with a touch of love.”

Event Planning & Management

When we customize our services to your unique and visionary needs, it takes a general’s strategy, a diplomat’s negotiation, a concierge’s direction, and confidante’s comfort.

Designer & Wedding Coordinator

Whether it’s the event of a lifetime, the party of the year, the debut of the season, or an affair of the heart; at Layla Love Designer Events is It’s about transcending trends. We comprehend customs, embrace technology, appreciate irony, and constitute perfection.